14th March 2018

Bus Route Mamer 3 – School year 2019/2020

Valid as from 3 September 2019

This bus does NOT require any prior reservation/registration and is FREE of charge for all Nursery, Primary and S1  children attending Lux 2 and living in Mamer. Please note there is no supervision on the bus, apart from the driver.

Parents must notify the School’s Pedagogical Secretary regarding their children’s transportation (in Nursery and Primary) in order to arrange for them to be escorted to/from the bus.

To view the map of the 3 local Mamer buses, please click on the following link (updated March 2018):
Mamer Buses – Map & Timetables 2018/2019

  Tuesday+Thursday+Friday Monday+Wednesday+Thursday+Friday
Mamer Eglantiers 08:00 13:25 16:55
Den Haag 08:03 13:28 16:58
Rome 08:05 13:30 17:00
Bertrange EE2 08:15 13:15 16:45

Bus Contact Information: Sales-Lentz L-4940 Bascharage

Numéro d’urgence: Tel: (+352) 236 261

If you wish to report an incident or need further information, please contact APEEEL2:  email us